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Tangerine Flavor by Eye


When buying tangerines, be sure to select ripe ones. The color of a ripe tangerine’s rind is bright and even. The pulp and rind of the tangerine shall be of the same color. If you squeeze a tangerine rind, it should sprinkle the juice. Otherwise the tangerine is not ripe. Tangerine rind should have no damages, dents, or soft spots.

Before you buy tangerines, look at the rind and try to determine the tangerine’s weight by holding it in the hand. Many sellers in the market can peel a tangerine for you to show how the rind goes off. There should be no stains or powder on the rind.

To determine whether it is sweet or not, you can find out the country of origin. The hotter is the exporting country, the greater is the likelihood that the tangerine is sweet. However, in general, the taste of tangerines depends on the species and growing conditions.

You can safely eat large amounts of tangerines without being afraid of gaining weight. They are one of the most low-calorie fruit. Tangerine pulp consists of approximately 89.7 percent of water and 7.6 to 12 percent of sugar. Depending on the sugar content, tangerines’ energy content averages about 38 to 45 kcal per 100 g of fruit.