Opening hours: 02:00 - 21:00
Phone: +7 495 266-13-67

Trade from trucks

Cross docking
Selling without the use of storage facilities
Short term rent
Place to trade with trucks (1.5 tons - 20 tons) is rented for 5 days
Permanent climate control
The temperature of +13 C is maintained in cross-docks all year round
Registration of a place for rent in 30 minutes. (You are selling a product as early as 30 min. after arrival in the territory)
30 minutes after arriving at the territory, you can start trading
Parking for trucks - 2000 car/place
Price monitoring system
Several times a day, prices are monitored at cross-docks. The information can be seen on large monitors that are placed in each cross-dock.

Request for rental conditions

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